Masonic Show and Tell

Masons, especially those who have been in Masonry for years often become historians and collectors of Masonic memorabelia.  This is understandable since Freemasonry has ancient origins.  Men who are historically significant, and who have identified themselves as Masons are too many to account for here.  Needless to say, if you are a Mason, then it is highly likely you have been bitten by the history/artifiact bug.  In this section, we will begin to look at some of the local masonic memorabilia that our brothers have currently in their possession and who desire to share their treasures with their brothers.


If you own your own Masonic treasure and would like to share it with us, to be placed on this site, please send photos and a brief summary of what you have, how you acquired it, and why it is significant to the brotherhood of Freemasonry.